about us

HEALTH HUB USA LLC serves as “healthcare concierges” in order to set up and arrange for individuals from China to travel to the United States and utilize the topnotch care that may not be available to them back home.

HEALTH HUB USA LLC provides a route to the American healthcare system and all that it offers to those individuals from China who are seeking such access.

HEALTH HUB USA LLC is set to operate as a full-service healthcare concierge. This means that in addition to connecting patients with medical practitioners in fields ranging from cardiology to oncology to podiatry—and everything in between—HEALTH HUB USA LLC will also arrange all other practical accommodations for our clients, from travel to room and board. HEALTH HUB USA LLC will also help to facilitate payments between patients and doctors—we aim to make our clients’ experiences as hassle-free as possible so that they can focus on obtaining the healthcare they need.


HEALTH HUB USA LLC’s number one goal is to provide outstanding service to our clients and ensure that they are treated with the utmost dignity, compassion, and care as they receive the proper medical treatment here in the United States.

We show our dedication to service by our clients will access to all the services they could possibly need while they are here in the United States obtaining the care they need. Such services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Complete patient record setup;
  • Electronic and manual medical claims filing;
  • Patient billing;
  • Matching patients with doctors based on comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of patient’s unique circumstances;
  • Facilitating payments between patients and medical practitioners;
  • Arranging and booking travel plans for patients;
  • Assistance in arranging room, board, and/or hotel accommodations;
  • Assistance in obtaining appropriate travel visas and ensuring that they remain in compliance with United States immigration laws.
  • Translation and management of medical records of patients as being asked.
  • Accompanying patient in US when to see doctor or in hospital

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Woodbridge Office:
1 Bradley Rd,Ste 712
Woodbridge, CT 06525

Main Telephone -(203) 907-0083
Facsimile - (203) 907-0083

Email -info@healthubusa.com